Website Redesign Best Practices in 2018

Website Redesign Best Practices in 2018

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The thought of redesigning your website can be quite a daunting one. It’s certainly not a quick job and is one that requires a plan, the right team and a lot of patience.

If you are about to start redesigning your website, here are a few best practices to keep in mind.

Website redesign best practices

  1. Clarify your goals.

Get your sales, marketing and leadership teams together to get a unified idea of goals within your organisation. If you’re going to redesign your website, it should be a platform that helps everyone achieve their goals. Include your technical team too in case there are specific requirements such as usernames and passwords that also need to be taken into consideration.

  1. Conduct a competitor analysis.

Not only will a competitor analysis give you an idea of where you can improve your current website but it’s also a great way to make note of features and design elements that you really like. You will also want to pay attention to your competitor’s keyword strategy, content and approach to social media.

  1. Know your users.

Developing user personas will ensure that you have a clear understanding of your target audience and the best way to appeal to them. Ask questions such as:

How do they evaluate products and services?
How do they search for products or services?
What are their pain points?

  1. Outline the user journey.

A user journey flowchart is an important tool in the website redesign process. You want to ensure that you’re creating a user journey that will lead to the most conversions. Azuri digital marketing agency recommends involving both your sales and marketing team in this process as both teams will be able to offer valuable insights.

  1. Create a wireframe.

Once you’ve mapped out your user journey, your designer will need to create a sitemap in order to define your site’s navigation and the pages that need to be included, while a wireframe should be used to start developing a basic design for your site. Images, logos and colours can also be added to the wireframes once you’re happy with the basic layout.

  1. Conduct an SEO Audit.

Once your new site is up and running, you will want to drive as much traffic to it as possible. An SEO audit will help you establish which keywords you’re currently ranking for and which keywords can be added to your site in order to expand your online reach.

  1. One step at a time.

Azuri digital marketing agency recommends starting with your priority pages such as your homepage, service or product pages and your contact page before you start adding additional landing pages. It’s also highly recommended that you create an email template that fits in with your new design.

The redesign of your website is not a project that should be rushed, instead, it should be seen as a long-term plan that will help you build a solid foundation online.

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