Video Surveillance Systems: An Asset That Businesses Cannot Do Without

Video Surveillance Systems: An Asset That Businesses Cannot Do Without

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The benefits of video surveillance systems in an organization cannot be ignored in the current scenario as it is fundamentally important to ensure that the assets of an organization and the employees feel completely safe without being troubled with the security concerns. This article justifies why video surveillance systems are an asset that businesses cannot do without.

Reduced Chances of Theft

According to a survey conducted by cybercrime experts, it is believed that 67% of the theft in organizations can be avoided by installing a surveillance system. Placing surveillance systems at strategic locations at the workplace can prevent break-ins, serious crimes, and vandalism.

According to a survey in the United States, most of the small retail businesses lose 50 thousand dollars every year due to such factors. On the other hand, non-retail businesses lose their assets in the form of intellectual property theft or company property theft. Most of the times, it is the employees who try to steal the assets of an organization. So, having a CCTV system in strategic locations can prove to be really helpful.

Real-Time Monitoring

With the advancements in technology, CCTV monitoring systems have also improved tremendously. Now, business owners can easily monitor their employees’ productivity in real-time. Moreover, the owners need not be physically present in the workplace. They can monitor the happenings at the workplace remotely through a mobile phone or remote computers.

Customer Records

Retail businesses can use CCTV systems to record the activities of their customers. For example, if a client claims to have purchased an expensive item from the store but doesn’t have a receipt to prove his point, then the footage can be of use to determine the presence of the client in store on the claimed date.

Improved Safety

Surveillance systems help to create a safer work environment for the employees. If an accident or any major dangerous incident has occurred at the workplace, the surveillance systems can send out an alert to get help for that employee. In some organizations, there should be an approval to use surveillance systems.

Business Savings

If you have been strategically planning the expenses of the business to save more, then installing such systems would actually help you save you more. Though it takes an initial investment to install the surveillance systems in an organization, this can be recovered through improved employee productivity. In the retail business sector, it helps to create a better customer experience, which in turn adds more value and revenue to the business.

We hope these points make a strong impact on your confusion about getting surveillance systems for your organization.

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